About CoBo

Collect • Connect • Collide

What is CoBo?

CoBo serves as the first Asia community platform for collectors to collect, connect and collide across various categories, including but not limited to contemporary art, design and fine wine — both online and offline.

What Does CoBo Do?

CoBo is destined to become an influencer in collecting, appreciating and education, with strong editorial contents, video salons, market surveys, international conferences and partnered events dedicated to discussing trending topics and accomplishing a viral education mission.

CoBo takes the lead in offering insight for the community by hosting salons and talks, studio visits, debates to raise awareness and interest in different collection topics, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who crave for an insight to collectibles and the collectors’ world.

What Do We Believe?

We believe in the thriving power of ideas to share and innovate. Through the CoBo community, we are building an interactive archive of free knowledge from a dashing array of inspiring individuals — and a community of curious souls to engage with inspirations, discussion and each other.