Collector Diaz Parzada’s Top Picks – Art Stage Singapore 2016

Diaz Parzada
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Art lover aka fashion observer, Diaz Parzada, Business Development Director of British Council Indonesia surely has a sharp eye for chic palette and dynamic expression.  Here are the artworks that moved him the most at the dazzling show:


Tea Ceremony Performance by Kim Riyoo  Snow Contemporary, Tokyo, Japan

Kim Riyoo
Tea Ceremony Performance
Snow Contemporary, Tokyo, Japan

“This is my top choice from the Art Stage, really love the whole piece. I enjoyed the tea ceremony, but also all the objects, the art pieces. The artist impressed me by building this architectural structure within an art fair and creating such a Zen ambiance within the bustle and hustle of an overwhelming art market”.



Be here with me now by Jeffrey Gibson  Marc Straus
Jeffrey Gibson
Glass beads, artificial sinew, steel studs, wool and canvas over wood panel, tin jingles, 101.6 × 80 cm
@ Marc Straus Gallery

“Native American artist, Jeffrey Gibson uses a lot of Native American beads for the artwork, he also incorporates lyrics from contemporary songs. One of the artworks that I really really interested in, it says ‘Be Here with Me Now’, which is like from a very sentimental song.”


LES IDEES NOIRES by Yves Hayat @ Mark Hachem Gallery

Yves Hayat
@ Mark Hachem Gallery

“The artist Yves Hayat did a crumbed version of Chanel Noir perfume. Each says Anguish, Solitude, Help on the bottle…it just like a bottle of emotions!”


Playing Balinese by Made Wiguna Valasara @Equator Art Projects (Magelang | Yogyakarta)

Made Wiguna Valasara
Playing Balinese
@Equator Art Projects (Magelang | Yogyakarta)

“I really like the Indonesian artist Made Valasara from Equator Art Projects. Made Wiguna Valasara is an artist known for doing a lot of embroidery work. He uses stitching very often. But for this art fair, he finally took many of the images outside the canvas, so it looks like soft sculptures. I just love it so much.”


Prelude I  by Kinez Riza @D Gallerie

Kinez Riza
Prelude I
@D Gallerie

“It looks like a splash! The way she did it in order to get the photograph is to throw a huge stone into a lake. I just like the work because it’s a little loud and quiet at the same time.”

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