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Benjamin Sigg Collection

The Art of Collecting

The “Art of Collecting” by Benjamin Sigg was brought about by the experience of becoming a humble collector, having been fortunate to walk in the footsteps of his uncle and uber collector, Dr. Uli Sigg.
The first chapter of Benjamin Sigg collection was produced and acquired over the last 15 years since Benjamin began his career in the art world, having successfully managed to maximize his assets and connections, building his consultancy profile. The selected artworks were produced by a range of highly successful, emerging and leading artists. The collection reflects on the passions of the art lover where artistic indulgence is present. There is a clear invitation to enjoy the delights and wonders that contemporary art has to offer. With a positive outlook that comes from collecting art, the joys of Benjamin's endeavors are evident.


Benjamin Sigg


Benjamin Sigg is an entrepreneur and passionate art collector. He is also the founder of CONSIGG Limited, one of Asia’s leading art consultancy and art advisory. Benjamin has fast become an avid supporter to the International art community, specializing in contemporary Chinese art, Southeast Asian art and International emerging artists.

Exclusive Interview

Private VIP Opening
29 September 2016(by Invitation only)
Exhibition period
3-31 October 2016*Open to Public and available for Private Events
Opening hours
Daily, 11am-7pm
COBO HOUSE1/F, 8/12 South Lane, Shek Tong Tsui, Hong Kong