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Qin Ai

There is suddenly a blackout in front of me, and a shadow drags me to the distant light. With my numb limbs, I cry out his names but can only hear it at a distance...

This is the scene I was in when I passed out for the first time in my life. Once I recovered, I became convinced there is another world. Although I cannot determine which one is better, I am certain that there are things I won't let go in this world.

My work, entitled It Was All A Dream, was based on this. Adventuring through the dark hall that resembles a void in time, one sees the blinding light that is both beautiful and ethereal, within reach and yet also beyond me.

Maybe this life is only a dream in the next life.
Life is but a dream II,52 x 92 cm,Colour and ink on paper

Qin Ai

Born 1973, Jiangsu, China

Qin Ai is considered one of the most important female artists in the field of contemporary gongbi, the fine and detailed realist technique in Chinese painting, she stages dramas of her own creation by combining the exquisite gongbi technique with surrealist motifs. Her paintings often feature animals that are juxtaposed with quotidian settings, forming a theatre of contrast between fantasy and reality. The animals express fear, anger, sorrow, tranquility and other emotions: the responses of the animal world to the actual development and growth of human civilization. They also represent the hopeful but confused individual experience of dramatic societal growth and change.

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