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Wang Jin

Chinese Dream,2006,194 x 190 x 20 cm,Mixed media sculpture (transparent polyvinyl, embroidery)

Wang Jin’s Chinese Dream reproduces a traditional Chinese Opera dragon robe in the Qing dynasty court style using the industrial materials PVC and nylon fishing thread. The embroidered waves, clouds, and dragons tint the translucent robe with green hues. Suspended rigidly by an iron chain, with the sleeves outstretched as if supported by invisible limbs, the robe appears hauntingly ethereal. Its weightless presence belies the elaborate production process that typically involves several skilled embroiders. Wang dismantles the imperial prestige and power normally associated with the dragon robe and transforms it into something quaint and elusive. As the title implies, the artist imbues the iconic imagery with new meanings and critiques in response to the consumerism and industrialization that has spread across China since the early 1990s.

Source : THE MET

Wang Jin

Born in 1962, Tianjin, China

Wang Jin is an artist known for his versatility and creativity. His recent such as Censor America (Zhangliang Meiguo) and Chinese Dream, shows the artist working with traditional idea’s using contemporary materials. With these works there is a strong sense of continuum of his subsequent, remarkable performances of the 1990’s.

Chinese Dreams sculpture series, see’s Peking opera robes hand made with PVC and embroidered with fishing wire. Choosing plastic to represent the contemporary society. This is both representative of the soulful disconnect within society and a reference to plastic as a consumer product and a bi-product of globalisation. The Chinese Opera Robe as an icon represents tradition and the journey tradition is taking. The artist enforces this idea by using the chosen material with such contemporary properties.

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