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Yang Yongliang

Phantom Landscape No.3 Fairy Land 2007,35 x 120 cm,Ink jet print on fine art paper

“In these luminous digital prints, Yang invites reflection on whether today's China embodies a smooth continuum (or a rupture) between past and present cultural traditions. It also prompts deliberation on whether it is possible (or impossible) for rural and urban spaces to coexist in a country that is undergoing modernisation at such a breathtaking pace. Yang accomplishes this transmutation by reworking old painting id ioms to dramatic effect yet allowing the images to remain familiar. He replaces the painter's brush with camera and digital manipulation and subverts the landscape theme of yore by turning it into a world of cement and steel buildings, electric cables and urban debris.”

Jan Stuart

Source : British Museum

Yang Yongliang

Born in 1980, Shanghai, China

As a young student from Shanghai, Yang Yongliang trained in Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy and in 1999, graduated from the China Academy of Fine Art, Shanghai, Visual Communication department. He set out as a full time artist with the self assigned mission to explore new forms of contemporary art and by 2005 resolved producing digital print media, working his camera and tools with the skill of a painter. Although it was in Beijing Mr Sigg first saw Yang's works, it was that year in 2005 the British Museum and China collaboration made an acquisition of two of his digital print works, to exhibit artworks that represent a more recent, Chinese cultural identity. Benjamin finds Yang’s works bright and beautiful, with a subtle, alluring dark side and he recognises the artist for his rhetoric studies of traditional art forms. They are delivered with the language of traditional Chinese art, revealing on the transmutation of culture, exposed to industry and globalisation.

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