Asia’s Top 100 Collectors You Must Know – Part 2

top 100 asian collectors
Ali Naqvi (left) & Amna Tirmizi Naqvi (centre)
Lu Jun (center)

The art world’s most powerful collectors are also its most influential instigators. We profile the individuals who are putting Asia on the global art map.

TEXT: CoBo Editorial Force
IMAGES: Courtesy of the collectors



1/ Nadia & Rajeeb Samdani

Industrialist and 2nd generation collector, the masterminds behind the Dhaka Art Summit, Samdani Art Foundation and a public art center in Sylhet, to open in 2018



2/ Amna and Ali Naqvi

Ali Naqvi (left) & Amna Tirmizi Naqvi (centre)

Based between Lahore and Hong Kong, the Naqvis’ AAN Collection is the world’s largest private holdings of contempoary art from Pakistan and beyond



3/ Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh

Economist, Founder & Director of Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research; collecting Vietanmese artists and beyond



4/ Jean-Michel Beurdeley & Eric Bunnag Booth

Started the Beurdeley-Bunnag family collection in 1990s; the step-father and step-son duo opened the MAIIAM Museum of Contemporary Art in Chiang Mai last year


5/ Disaphol Chansiri

Bangkok law professor and property developer reigns over Thailand’s art scene by collecting and organzing shows in his exhibition spaces


6/ Petch Osathanugrah

Thai pop star and a beer businessman (Osotspa), the collector is looking to open his O Museum in Bangkok in 2019



7/ Soichiro Fukutake

World billionnair who founded the renowned Benesse Corporation & the contemporary art museum Benesse Art Site Naoshima


8/ Hikonobu Ise

Founder of Ise Group Inc. and the Ise Cultural Foundation (1983); collects Japanese Fine and Decorative Arts as well as modern and contemporary art


9/ Yusaku Maezawa

Billionaire Japanese fashion mogul who dropped $98 million at auctions in just two days at Christie’s and Sotheby’s last year


10/ Daisuke Miyatsu

The professor was among the first to collect installations and commission site-specific work since mid-1990s, his art-house is a must visit if you are lucky


11/ Yoshiko Mori

Founded Mori Art Museum in 2003 with her late husband, being credited for turning Roppongi into as a cultural landmark in Tokyo


12/ Takeo Obayashi

Chairman of a construction conglomerate, houses his collection at the Yu-un Guesthouse, designed by Tadao Ando; the Obayashi Corporate Collection is one of the best in Japan



13/ Pierre Chen

Chairman of Yageo, a major manufacturer of electronic components; one of Asia’s leading collectors of Western contemporary art, in particular works by Francis Bacon and Gerhard Richter


14/ Leo Shi

A hardware inventor and trader based in Taichung; began collecting in 1990s, shifting his focusing from the first generation of Chinese oil painters to Asian contemporary art


15/ Rudy Tseng

Full-time art Collector of 20 years who founded his collection on YBAs, accidentally turned himself into a curator



16/ Choi Seung-hyun, aka T.O.P.

K-Pop superstar and collector since the age of 18; his career & daily IG artwork update for his 7 million followers are interrupted by his 2-year obligatory military training


17/ Hong Ra-hee

Renowned philanthropist & director of Leeum Samsung Museum; wife of Lee Kun-hee, Chairman of Samsung Group


18/ Kim Chang-Il

A widely respected South Korean artist, gallery owner, self-made multimillionaire, and one of Asia’s biggest art collectors


19/ Moon Duck-hwa

CEO of logistics-cultural content-investment company MY Invest; collects paintings by emerging Asian artists; now venturing into French contemporary art



20/ Richard Chang

Chinese-American businessman in real estate, hotels, media, fashion, etc; instrumental in bridging East and West art scenes, founder of Domus Collection


21/ David Chau & Kelly Ying

The Shanghai-based couple co-founds Art021 with PR Guru Bao Yifeng; also founder of CC Foundation


22/ Chen Dongsheng

The Chinese tycoon is now the largest shareholder of Sotheby’s; other titles include: founder of China Guardian Auctions, Taikang Life Insurance, Taikang Space, and Grand-son-in-law of Mao Zedong


23/ Dai Zhikang

Founder and chairman of Zendai Group with a perosnal worth of US$1.3bn; owns US$80m art collection and the Shanghai Himalayas Museum


24/ Guan Yi

With a collection estimated at US$50m, the super-collector’s passion for art is to establish a complete “History of Chinese Contemporary Art” collection


25/ He Juxing

The former general manager in brand management of Minsheng Bank was also director of Yan-Huang Art Museum and Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, he is now preparing the grand opening of his own Star Museum


26/ Michael Xufu Huang

Still a student at the University of Pennsylvania, already co-founds private MWOODS and sits on the Board of Trustees of New Museum, NY


27/ Huang Yu

Once China’s Bodybuilding Champion, the Buddhist believer is also a self-confessed addictive collector; the road not taken: to become a star actor


28/ Li Huina

The young Shanghainese started collecting in 2009 with big names such as Xu Bing and Cai Guoqiang


29/ Lin Han & Lei Wan Wan

The high-profile couple are turning 30 this year; founders of Beijing M WOODS museum and regulars of glossy magazines and power listings


30/ Lu Xun & Lu Jun

Lu Jun (center)

Father-and-son partnership at real estate development and art collecting, owners of the Sifang Art Museum in Nanjing


31/ Qiao Zhibing

One of China’s most ferocious art collectors; just opened the Qiao Space in Shanghai Westbund but already planning the next: Tank Shanghai, an art museum-cum-recreation facility


32/ Thomas Shao

Mainland China’s media mogul and avid art collector


33/ Wang Bing

Founder of New Century Art Foundation (NCAF), his collection features stars artists including Qiu Xiaofei, Wang Yin, Cao Fei and Liu Ye


34/ Wang Jianlin

Asia’s second richest man (Bloomberg, July 2016),his Dalian Wanda Group operates in real-estate development, yacht business and Spanish soccer team; owns US$1.6 billion in art, ranging from Chinese modern to international contemporary


35/ Wang Junyuan & Guo Guangchang

Chinese billionaire business magnate chairs the Fosun International Limited; they founded the Fosun Foundation Art centre last year with wife Wang as the director


36/ Wang Wei & Liu Yiqian

The couple is among China’s most successful art collectors and owns three Long museums in Shanghai and Chongqing


37/ Wang Zhongjun

Chinese movie mogul who broke Van Gogh’s auction record in 2014 by paying US$61.8 million for Still Life, Vase with Daisies and Poppies at Sotheby’s


38/ Yang Bin

One of China’s biggest car dealers; bought his first works in 2000 and has since amassed over 1000 works; owns the Aye Gallery with his wife Yan Qing


39/ Frank Yang

Founder of Frank F. Yang Art and Education Foundation that runs non-profit You Space and Extra Space in Shenzhen


40/ Yu Mingfang

Businessman mogul, worth US$910 million, owns Chinese shoe producer Belle International Holdings, collects contemporary artists like Damien Hirst, Luc Tuymans, Zheng Yi Zheng, Liu Wei, etc.


41/ Zhang Rui

Telecommunications entrepreneur is one of China’s “super-collectors” with a collection of 800 pieces


42/ Zhao Lingjia

Millennials generation collector; first art purchase was a HK$4.8m Yoshitomo Nara painting; snapped up 20 pieces within a year by the likes of Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin & Yayoi Kusama


43/ Zhao Yisong

Vice President of Huayu Group, a real estate developer, and the initiator of Huayu Youth Award


44/ Zheng Hao

The Founder of HOW Art Museum in Wuhan is going to open his second museum in Shanghai this year, he also founds and heads the Wenzhou Wanhe Group that runs five-star Howard Johnson Onehome Hotel



45/ Adrian Cheng

Hong Kong billionaire and entrepreneur whose passion for art led him to found the Art-Mall K11 and the K11 Art Foundation


46/ Hallam Chow

Lawyer, philantropist and collector, his collection focuses on Southeast Asian contemporary art; donated 5 works to M+ last year


47/ Lawrence Chu

Co-founder and Managing Partner of BlackPine Zheng He Capital Management Limited, the US-educated collector is also a patron of UCCA, Beijing


48/ David Tang

Founder of Shanghai Tang and Owner of the
China Club, Hong Kong
Collector of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art


49/ William Lim

Avid collector and founder of CL3 Architects; a vocal supporter of Hong Kong contemporary art long before the city merged as a major art destination


50/ Alan Lo

A visionary entrepreneur, art collector and a leading voice on Hong Kong’s art and design scene, founder of the ultra-hip art dinning place Duddell’s


51/Alan Lau

Senior Partner and Asia Pacific Head of McKinsey Digital, an avid collector and an active contributor to the local arts scene



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