Adrian Cheng creates Hong Kong’s Silicon Valley of Culture at K11 MUSEA


K11 MUSEA, the world’s new cultural-retail destination opened its doors last month in Hong Kong with the mission to incubate local and global creative talent—to make K11 MUSEA the Silicon Valley of Culture that will reshape Hong Kong’s waterfront culture.

Text: K11 MUSEA x CoBo Social
Images: Courtesy of K11 MUSEA


“Where K11 MUSEA stands today has historically played a vital role in the exchange of ideas, and as the confluence of cultures in Hong Kong. It is therefore my vision to reinvigorate this district with 100 creative powers and continue our mission in incubating local and global creative talents,” says Adrian Cheng, Founder of K11 Group.

K11 MUSEA is the final and most important piece of the 10-year regeneration of Victoria Dockside. A unique blend of cutting-edge design fused with a celebration of arts and culture, the destination introduces an immersive experience fit for today’s rapidly evolving dynamic customers. Conceived as A Muse by the Sea, K11 MUSEA gives the local community and new consumers a space to come together, be inspired by world-class offerings, and enrich everyday life as a destination with a vision to facilitate a broader discussion on the interconnectedness of creativity, culture and innovation.

Traversing 3 generations of the Cheng family, K11 MUSEA is built upon a great history of culture and sits on the site formerly known as Holt’s Wharf, an important godown in Tsim Sha Tsui that dates back to 1910. The historic logistics hub eventually made Hong Kong one of the busiest ports in the world. In 1978 it was transformed into the New World Centre and now, in 2019, it stands to usher in a new era of cultural retail which speaks to the growing consumer demand for naturally immersive experiences of art, culture, nature and commerce.

K11 MUSEA spans approximately 1.2 million sq. ft. and is set to welcome millennials, Hong Kong shoppers and international visitors alike to a never-before-seen cultural-retail concept, with a world-class curation of public art as well as year-round cultural programmes.



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