What To Get The Love of Your Life This Valentine’s Day

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Stuck on gift ideas for Valentine’s Day? Fret not. For this foreseeably lacklustre season of love during such unusual times, we’ve compiled a list of swoon-worthy gifts from MoMA Design Store Hong Kong for all the love birds out there to keep the spark alive.


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Colour Accent Champagne Glasses Set
Retail price: HK$168

Beautiful drinking glasses can be a good way to add a decorative flare to any celebratory occasion. These Colour Accent Champagne Glasses are handmade from borosilicate glass with boldly coloured stems. Unlike painted glass, the colour won’t fade and stays vibrant over time, and the transparency of the glass highlights the beautiful perlage of your fancy champagne of choice. Bottoms up!



Neon Heart Light
Retail price: HK$608

Just in case you need a little reminder that love is all around—this adorable heart-shaped neon light is powered by energy-efficient LED tubes, and because it’s made of BPA-free and lead-free plastic, it is completely child-proof too. Use this as home decor, to dress up your photos, or to add a touch of magic to your homebound date nights.



Nano Leaf Canvas Smart Light Kit (Set of 9)
Retail price: $1598

Let’s face it, there’s a fair chance you and your significant one will be stuck at home in your pyjamas on Valentine’s Day, so why not bring the party home instead? You can create your own interactive lighting masterpiece in the comfort of your own home with this set of light panels from Nano Leaf. Choose between the hexagon and square-shaped panels and get creative with your choice of patterns. Through the Nanoleaf App, the panel reacts to the tunes of your favourite music and transforms it into colour and light for a stunning audiovisual display. The kit comes with everything you need to start your own disco party at home—including hundreds of pre-programmed colour combinations, and mounting tape that makes for a simple, drill-free installation.




Moon Jigsaw Puzzle
Retail price: HK$278

Celebrate your love to the moon and back with this 1,000 piece circular jigsaw puzzle. Produced in 2019 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s historic Apollo 11 moon landing, this puzzle features the near side of the Moon—with all its breathtaking, up-close surface details, even the tiniest of craters are shown in stunning clarity. Produced with the clearest image of the Moon to date from NASA, the quality and detail displayed in this photograph makes it a stunning display piece for your home, and an alternative date night activity in lieu of Netflix and Chill—if you and your loved one can muster up the patience to complete this challenge.



Keith Haring Candle
Retail price: $428

Set the tone for a cozy date night-in with this Keith Haring scented candle. Created in honour of the late legendary street artist, this candle features Haring’s famous dancing heart motif and houses a delicious warming scent of cinnamon, caramel, apple and vanilla.



DIY Push Jewelry Bowl
Retail price: $198

Push is a cleverly-designed flat-packed brass plate that can be easily customised into vessels of different depths and shapes, created by Berlin-based architects Gunnar Roensch and Stephen K Molloy and made in Italy. By gently applying pressure on its pliable photo-etched triangular folds, the flat plates are transformed into little containers of varying depths to store valuable trinkets and jewellery, and makes a stunning addition to the dressing table.



Kyoto Tango Bracelet
Retail price: $588–$988

Inspired by the works of Irish architect Eileen Gray, these colourblock stretchy bangles are designed by Ann Sophie von Bülow, founder of the Copenhagen-based jewellery brand Kyoto Tango. The design of the bracelet is inspired by the lacquered screens and furniture in Gray’s architecture, which actually took cues from Japanese textiles and African pottery. Each bangle is handmade in Christiana—a commune in Copenhagen known as a hippie “free town”—this bracelet is made of resin beads on an elastic cord with the occasional gold embellishment, and adds the perfect spice to any outfit.

Heart Bowl
Retail price: $268

This adorable tableware will for sure put a smile on your loved one’s face. Shaped to fit into the palms of your hands, this porcelain bowl will turn whatever you fill it with—be it berries, soup, tea or cereal—into the shape of a heart. A little bit cheesy, but cute.





Ostrichpillow Compression Socks
Retail price: $248

Your OTP for a long-day at work or travelling: these bamboo-fabric compression socks are the perfect gift for those who regularly suffer from leg, ankle and calf issues due to a sedentary lifestyle—and the circumstances of the past year has certainly made it difficult to stay active. Bid adieu to swelling and fatigue in your legs with these stylish compression socks designed to keep your legs active throughout the day. The gradual level of compression, which ranges from 8 to 15 mmHG, and the soft interwoven bamboo and recycled polyester material will gently promote blood circulation without feeling too tight or stiff.



Redundant Watch
Retail price: $1350.40

The Redundant Watch is the result of a collaboration between Hong Kong-based watchmaker Anicorna and New York-based graphic designer Ji Lee. Based on Lee’s 1993 clock design, this timepiece is a visual pun on time-telling, as the peculiar looking watch face only features clock hands, with the smaller running hands replacing the usual numbers. The watch, which “tells time twice”, intentionally adds a layer of friction to the otherwise simple act of telling time, and forces you to stop and appreciate the moment.



Ember Ceramic Smart Mug 2.0
Retail price: HK$798.00

Is it just us or do hot beverages always get cold before you even get around to drinking them? This Ember Ceramic Smart Mug is the perfect solution to the problem. The sleek and streamlined mug connects to an app via bluetooth, which allows you to customise your desired temperature for your beverage and view its current temperature—and keep it there, all through life’s busiest distractions. This 2.0 version also comes with an enhanced battery to maintain your chosen drinking temperature for 1.5 hours, or all day when paired with the charging coaster.



Whisky Stones
Retail price: HK$178.00

Say goodbye to watered down, lukewarm whisky. These cubed soapstones are the perfect alternative to ice if you like enjoying your whisky—or any other spirits for that matter—chilled. Handcrafted in the US, this set of nine stones are non-porous so as to not impart flavour or unpleasant odours. Just keep them in your freezer and they’ll be ready whenever your favourite bourbon beckons.


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