Milan Design Week 2017 – Top Picks by Trend Expert Ariane van de Ven

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  1. Lee Broom, Time Machine, 10 Years Anniversary

For this year’s Milan design week, Lee Broom has filled a carousel with products he designed over the past decade to celebrate his studio’s 10th birthday.

Described by Broom as a “dramatic and modernist interpretation of a fairground carousel”, the Time Machine installation is located inside Ventura Projects’ new location at the Centrale Station in Milan.


The Time Machine grandfather clock is made from a monolithic block of Carrara marble – a material the designer’s studio has become known for over the past decade.


2.  Luca Nichetto’s collaboration with Ben Gorham for Italian glassmakers Salviati

Venetian glassmaker Salviati has teamed up with  Italian designer Luca Nichetto and Ben Gorham, to create Pyrae and Strata, two immersive installations that explore the theme of modularity with glass.



3. Atelier Biagetti, GOD

Design duo Atelier Biagetti return to Milan with their latest outlandish escapade, titled God. Alberto Biagetti and Laura Baldassari ensure there is no theological connection here, instead honing in on the europhric feelings associated with money.


4. Sabine Marcelis, Marble Matters, Bloc Studios3 

Highlighting a material’s properties is a balancing act and Sabine Marcelis, a young Dutch designer with major collaborations to her name, employs form, colour and light to achieve the result. The new element lies not in the tools but the quantities, which Sabine has learnt to gauge partly through experience and much thanks to her innate sensitivity.


5. Matteo Cibic, Vaso Naso, a selection of 365 vases

Matteo Cibic and his Vaso Naso, the result of an extensive research on ceramics that led to a selection of 365 vases, one for each day of the year.


6. Dutch Invertuals

The Dutch Invertuals Harvest exhibition was on show in the Isola district of the city as part of this year’s Milan design week. Described by curator Wendy Plomp as a “glimpse into the future of design”, the exhibition included the work of 10 Dutch designers who were each challenged to contemplate possible scenarios taking place in the future.


7. David Quayola, Jardin d’été (Summer Garden)

IQOS Pathfinder Project, a global cultural platform aimed to support novel creative talents presented the installation “Jardins d’Été” by Davide Quayola, composed of a series of videos inspired by French Impressionism and the late work of Claude Monet.



8. Cabana x Airbnb, Ines Suarez de Puga & Ahryum Lee

Airbnb is back this year with an installation that takes place inside a historic 15-century house (home to Leonardo da Vinci while he was painting the Last Supper). Curated by the founder of interior and design magazine Cabana, Martina Mondadori Sartogo, the house will feature a series of “intimate experiences.” Visitors are invited to discover hidden places in Milan.


Korean-born Ahryun Lee presented a series of colourful vases, including an orange version covered in yellow spikes, a yellow one spotted with black and red dots, and another covered in a tangled web.


9. Caban Corian, Antonio Marras

Cabana Magazine and Corian Design collaborated on a mythical and muticultural journey into an imaginary village with seven cabanas, each inspired by a different culture and created by noted design personalities, all members of the extended Cabana family. In picture, a Mexican bedroom, styled by Italian fashion designer Antonio Marras in collaboration with graphic artist/art director Paolo Bazzani. With an explosion of color, pattern and iconography, Marras created a shrine to the natural world.


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