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It’s beginning to look a lot like…No, actually let’s make it a bit different and difficult for me. I will try to write the whole text without any mention of upcoming holidays or hidden quotes from any of the songs that are played almost everywhere right now. Who doesn’t like a good challenge? (Rhetorical question; I will be the first one to answer negatively). So, it’s time for your December art recommendations, freshly mustered up just for you. You’ve got quite a few but as always no pressure whatsoever—*stares heavily and judgementally*. What else are you planning to do the whole month?



Why: Unequivocally recommended. Let’s be honest—there could be an article just for M+ and probably it would be much longer than this monthly one. We have been waiting for so long and we are not disappointed. It is beyond my human abilities to choose which of the museum’s exhibitions to write about, so I will not even try to do it. Just book a visit and go see everything yourself—metaphorically speaking! Don’t try to see everything in one fell swoop, it’s overwhelming and you’ll be art drunk (probably with a massive hangover later). Choosing photos to post was also not an easy task, so I just picked the two things that made me stand in line to see them.

M+ Sigg Collection: From Revolution to Globalisation:  12 November 2021 — 7 October 2022
Anthony Gormley: Asian Field: 12 November 2021 —3 July 2022
Where: M+, West Kowloon Cultural District, 38 Museum Drive, Kowloon

Jonas Wood

Why: I have to confess that I got excited about the wallpaper a bit more than I probably should have. But let me explain! Jonas Wood’s works are highly likeable—actually you have to make an extra effort to not like them—I enjoyed the show greatly and I knew that I would. But the charm, coziness and quirkiness of that wallpaper was something completely unexpected so I was totally unprepared.

And I am afraid that I have annoyed everyone by asking if I can have just a small piece of it after the show is over.  (They said no, in case you are interested.)

Go see the wall…I mean lush paintings yourself, they are lovely.

When: 23 November 2021 — 15 January 2022
Where: Gagosian Gallery, 7/F, Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central


Sin Wai Kin: Its Always You 

Why: Cantonese opera, boybands, masculine and feminine drag, identity exploration, character invention, real and fake, male and female, East and West, life and death, beginning and end. Rich in meanings and associations, provocative, and thought provoking; the show requires some time to watch all the video art and digest it. Yes, it’s one of those explorative shows that raise questions but don’t give any decisive answers.

Don’t forget to make a true fan photo with the cardboard cutouts (#itsalwaysyou2021)!

When: 23 November 2021 — 8 January 2022
Where: Blindspot Gallery, 15/F, Po Chai Industrial Building, Wong Chuk Hang


Nina Katchadourian: Natural Selection

Why: A fun and playful show with a bit of a dark lining. Go there with friends and try to guess all the materials used for creating the delightful flowers from the Fake Plants series. Earlier works are also on display, including the heartbreaking Too Late and the hilarious Mended Spiderwebs.

When: 19 November – 23 December 2021
Where: Pace Gallery, 12/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central, Central



 Why: Kinetic art, video artworks, immersive sound installations, interactive displays, and a highly Instagrammable light installation. The fractal film by Julius Horsthuis, accompanied with music written by David Levy, is a mesmerising journey and not to be missed (I watched it twice). Suitable for kids and teens as well. I’m trying to use photos as an incentive and hopefully that won’t spoil the experience for you.

When: 23 November 2021 — 28 February 2022
Where: 11/F, The, 139 Queen’s Road Central, Central


Jacky Tsai: The Quarantine Era

Why: For the real digerati out there. This one requires a lot of Chinese mythology and cultural knowledge (that I unfortunately lack) to fully enjoy, but will be fun for us less educated people as well. Phantasmagoric mixture of superheroes, Chinese gods, pop culture references, mythological creatures, pin-up girls, medieval warriors, cowboys, and pandemic imagery.

Even the choice of medium is satisfyingly diverse: printing, embroidery, porcelain, lacquer, and AR—to sprinkle it with additional fun.

When: 13 November — 18 December 2021
Where: Contemporary by Angela Li, G/F, 248 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan



Why: Even if I didn’t like the show, it would be totally worth visiting just because of the genius title (no, unfortunately I don’t speak Cantonese, but luckily, I have friends who translated and explained it to me; no, I can’t write it here). I truly enjoyed the exhibition for its energetic and eclectic selection of works and artists. Just look at the names: the Plumber King (渠王), Ernest Chang, BOMS, DaddyBoy®️, Cynthia Omi, Son of Fire Month and Metal Day (丁月金日子), and Muschi. Even if you don’t know any of them, doesn’t just seeing the list intrigue you a bit? There’s graffiti outside, plenty of works and a bunch of merch inside.

Pro tip: Don’t miss the works in the toilet!

Extra pro-tip: Don’t post them unblurred on your Instagram.

When: 20 November 2021 — 13 February 2022
Where: The Stallery, G/F, 82A Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai


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