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Tao Hui was born in Chongqing in 1987 and currently lives and works in Beijing. The video artworks of Tao Hui make art start to tell stories again. The narrative structures of films, TV shows and theatres incite him to create new ways of transmission of information and emotion. By the simple visual artistic form and a parallel way, Tao Hui’s works reflect the predicament and absurdity of society. In artwork “The dusk of Teheran”, a full-dressed Iranian girl says actor's lines from a Hong Kong singer. This artwork reflects the hard experience of all women who live in depressive society. The touching part of Tao Hui’s works is his interpretation of establishment of social structure and individual situation in the society by lyric and emotional way. By creating the interaction between different characters, he also presents particular culture and complexity of second and third-tier cities of China. We are full of hope for his future because of his particular literary imagination, narrative characteristics and visual expressivity.

陶輝(1987 年出生於重慶,現工作生活於北京)的錄像作品再次讓藝術開始講故事。電影、 電視與劇場的敘事結構激發著他創造出傳遞信息和情感的新方式。在單純的視覺形式中,陶 輝以並列的方式,折射出社會的困境和荒謬。在《德黑蘭的黃昏》中盛裝的伊朗女人念出一 段香港歌手的台詞,從而反映出在壓抑的社會情境中女性共有的遭遇。陶輝作品的動人之處在於他用抒情和感性的方式詮釋出社會結構的生成以及身處其中的個體處境;通過營造人物和彼此之間的互動,他也把中國二三線城市的獨特文化和複雜性呈現出來。他獨有的文學想 象,劇情鋪成以及視覺傳達,讓我們對他的未來充滿了期待。

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