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Sutthirat Supaparinya

10 Places in Tokyo 10ch Preview, 2017

2016, 10-channel video (the videos alone produced in the year 2012-2013) – black and white, sound, HD, 6 minutes, Lee Filter (5 shades – Blood Red, Terry Red, Dark Amber, Medium Blue and Medium Blue-Green), light sources that available at the gallery or museum space, 10 types of monitors and projectors, 10 media players with synchronizer
*Year of production refers to the year first exhibited.
*The video project was shot during my stay under the International Creator Residency program at the Tokyo Wonder Site- Aoyama, Japan, 2012.


This work explores nuclear power as a means of electricity generation in Tokyo, and its strange status as deadly yet functionally practical.
I captured the top 10 places in Tokyo that used the most electricity in 2010. Electricity consumption in Tokyo is linked closely to TEPCO, the company that faced a crisis after the Tsunami hit their nuclear power plant in 2011.

My methods use images of the effects of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in black and white moving images. These effects are of a bright and heated blast that burned away dark or black-colored parts of objects during August 1945.

This case study shows a pair of historical events that were triggered by the same technology and ‘repeat’ the disaster. I think we should be aware that nuclear power can turn to be a weapon. We should be more concerned with the risks of generating electricity and the reduction of electricity consumption either by changing our behavior or redesigning devices.

Lives and works in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Supaparinya's works encompass a wide variety of mediums such as installation, photography, video and sculpture. Through her works she questions, interprets public information and reveals what’s structure effect her/us as a national/global citizen....
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