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Arin Rungjang

246247596248914102516… And the there were none (Prasat Chuthin), 2017

Rungjang considers an astonishing aspect of relations between Thailand and Germany though the video 246247596248914102516… And then there were none (2017).

The film tells of a Thai diplomat known as Prasat Chutin, the last visitor to sign the guest book in Hitler’s bunker in Berlin. Chutin was interned by Russia after the fall of Nazi Germany before finally being able to return home to Thailand. The story is interspersed with an account of Rungjang’s own experiences in Berlin. These accounts are heard in a voice over while the film’s protagonists, two dancers, move around a hotel room overlooking Hitler’s bunker. The work makes no attempt unpick the tangles of history.

Arin Rungjang (born 1975, Bangkok; lives and works in Bangkok) is known for deftly revisiting historical material, overlapping major and minor narratives across multiple times, places, and languages. His interest lies in lesser-known aspects of Thai history and their intersection...

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