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Come Inside (Mak Yingtung & Wong Kaying)


For the video “ALL FOR YOU”, COME INSIDE has produced collage-style video that deal with the preference for “cute” and “sweet” women, using online shops must-have items as props, and adopting the modelling aesthetics of instagram stores to reinforce through the mechanisms of global merchandising and e-commerce. Most of the group’s works are based on products purchased through the popular Chinese shopping website Taobao, for example apparels and accessories. Mak and Wong appropriates the unique aesthetics of certain styles, e.g. ridiculous copies of designer brands, for their own purposes, creating a subtle riposte to the fetishising of girls’ clothing and behavior.

COME INSIDE is an art collective formed by Mak Ying-tung and Wong Ka-ying. We live in Hong Kong. Since Mak graduated from the School of Creative Media - City University of Hong Kong and Wong graduated from the Chinese University of Hong...
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