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Chen Xi 陳熹

Biu biu biu, 2015

When an unmanned submarine turned off its headlight during a deep sea expedition, there would be fireworks in your face. They were myriads of tiny self-luminous creatures that can only light up (perception) a spherical space with a radius of several centimeters to several meters. As a human, I naturally thought of the humans’ spherical space. Even the human body had been replaced by machines and Ai, our ship would never catch up the acceleration of the expansion of the universe, the farthest place we can go is Andromeda. This Local Group, 10000000 light-years in diameter, was our spherical space. These exquisite spaceships and its crews resembled self-luminous creatures in the deep sea without external lighting, cruising and breathing in our bubble of darkness.

Director and everything else by Chen Xi

Duration: 8’27”

FullHD with sound

Chen Xi was born in Wuhan (1985), graduated from Jiangnan University(BA) in 2008, then graduated from ECNU(MA) in 2012. He currently works and lives in Beijing. For the past 10 years, I had deployed a large number of imagery and...
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