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Chen Xi 陳熹

The body we invaded will be sent to a crematorium 我們入侵的是一具即將被送往火葬場的軀體, 2016

Made by Chen Xi

Duration: 6’14”

FullHD with Sound

The animation, as an accentuation for reality, delineates an unusual but common situation. A group of organisms invading a dead corpse that is about to be sent to a crematorium. The organism wander, acquiring knowledge and abilities, shine and illuminate their surroundings until they are eventually pushed into the stove and perish with the world (corpse).

Chen Xi was born in Wuhan (1985), graduated from Jiangnan University(BA) in 2008, then graduated from ECNU(MA) in 2012. He currently works and lives in Beijing. For the past 10 years, I had deployed a large number of imagery and...
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