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Li Ming 李明

Firework 焰火, 2009

The first part tells an old woman combs her own hair at the bed and devotes into it, while outside the window the fireworks spout out. The latter part is full of surreal atmosphere, plants grows from the floor inside a room, the house seems move to a quiet wilderness, just leaves true or false, or imagined gorgeousness of dreamlike and brief fireworks. Those men who peep perhaps just old men’s imaginations, as like the young girl who sell her matches, they will disappear after the match have extinguished, everything returns to lonesome and boring night

Born in 1986 in Hunan Province, China. 2008 founder and member of Double Fly Art Center. Graduated from China Academy of Art with BFA in New Media Art, Hangzhou Currently lives and works in Hangzhou and Beijing. 1986年年出生於湖南省沅江市 2008年建立並加入雙飛藝術中心 現工作,生活於杭州

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