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Silas Fong 方琛宇

Flat D Instructional/Documentation Video, 2015

‘Flat D, 6/F, Aldrich Garden’ is the title of this exhibition but also the artist’s home address. is implies a doubleness: an address is functional and indicative – as a concept, it is most commonly understandable – but at the same time it is also meaningless because it is not meant to help you to nd the place, as for the audience of this exhibition it refers to a place so far away that it may as well not exist. Such a conceptual doubleness epitomizes Silas Fong’s artistic project in temporal experiences and psychological activities – things that are utterly personal, yet also entirely common.

Silas Fong (b.1985) is a contemporary artist born in Hong Kong. He furthered his studies in Academy of Media Arts Cologne from 2013-2015. He received his MFA from Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2012 and BA from Hong Kong...
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