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Shi Zheng 施政

Offset, 2016



Auido-Visual Installation

large-scale screen, loud speakers

07:53 loop”

Virtual Terrain has been in composition since 2012. It is created successively after “Flâneur in a Virtual Landscape” which is a series of digital prints. Like Flâneur, Offset is also an audio-visual work generated by digital images generating program.

When I use computer as my environment for artistic creation, the software and the operating system constitute an interesting world full of symbols to me.

It consists of actual and virtual realities in the meantime. Being a creator and a loner in this parallel planet, I take position as a photographer and a rover, keeping filming these virtual scenes, making and adding granularized noises to this space I created. Through the process I would like to share with the viewers feelings of illusions in the nonphysical space as well as the unspeakable phenomenon filtered out in a medium alternating.

Courtesy of Aike Dellarco and the artist / 由艾可畫廊與藝術家提供

1990年出生,2014年畢業於中國美術學院跨媒體藝術學院,現生活、工作於上海。作為數字媒體藝術家,施政的創作形式涉及電子音樂、Audio-Visual 裝置以及現場演出。其作品往往通過電腦技術盡可能地擴大觀眾視聽通感體驗,在其中聲音與影像是一體存在的兩面,缺一不可。從作品Offset (2014)開始,他更加沉迷於屏幕內部所建構的虛擬景觀,在完全由電腦程序所生成的虛擬世界中,他不僅僅是創造者,更像是墜入其中的漫遊者,最終融合顆粒化的聲音和影像呈現給觀者他所獨自漫遊其中所產冷寂的感受。而系列作品Nimbus (2015-)卻用截然不同的觀看視角去描繪一個被光所賦形的雲氣。 施政在集中創作個人作品的同時,也和其領域內的優秀藝術家進行合作。2013 他與能火、王志鵬、翁巍共同成立媒體藝術小組 RMBit (人民比特),結合當下的社交媒體現象進行創作。他和能火也是Audio-Visual演出團體 OSC (Open Super Control)的成員。 其個人與合作作品也曾多次出現在國內外重要的美術館、藝術機構、媒體藝術節中,包括Sound Art China (中國聲藝術展)、FILE Electronic Language International Festival、Ars Electronica (奧地電藝術節)、Institute of Contemporary Arts (倫敦當代藝術中)、都靈Castello di Rivara 美術館、The Lumen Prize 倫敦、上世紀美術館、 OCT 當代藝術中深圳館。
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