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Chen Xi 陳熹

Painting Collapsing 降維繪畫, 2015

Made by Chen Xi

Duration: 7’46”

FullHD with Sound

This documentary first clarified a fact, a painting was a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional world, these paintings could only be appreciated by an observer from a three-dimensional world. Was there a painting that can be appreciated by intelligent beings from both dimensions. To answered the question, the film first showed us how the 2D beings sensing the 2D world. They used some kind of energy wave to “watch” (scan), it’s called “Horizon Flow”. The process of scanning a flat world by “Horizon Flow” just liked stream bypass stakes in a river. The scanning speed was swift, as fast as a 3D observer can see a 3D object. Paintings created by a 3D observer is just a compact line for the 2D observer, there was nothing interesting to be seen. Later, this film used 3D animation to show the scene of a 3D object A falling into a 2D plane. As shown by observing closely, Elements from object A would spread in the X Y plane and the differences in Z axis would have to be converted into the language of X Y, that the different elements can not be connected, there would be an empty slot around each piece of the component. In the logic of the 2D world, two different elements can not be connected. If connected, it must be a single element. They could not have overlap either, overlapping implied the existence of a Z axis, even if it is just a little uplift. So far, the film came to a conclusion, to make a painting appreciated by both dimensions, the painting could be painted with only one layer of paint with rich elements and spaced apart.

Chen Xi was born in Wuhan (1985), graduated from Jiangnan University(BA) in 2008, then graduated from ECNU(MA) in 2012. He currently works and lives in Beijing. For the past 10 years, I had deployed a large number of imagery and...
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