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Ayako Yoshimura

Places (over the rainbow), 2016

The work features ephemeral and imagined places, which are stage sets of classical ballet pieces, including Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and The Nutcracker. The video is composed of still images photographed at the rehearsal hours of the productions by the Dutch National Ballet in Amsterdam. The well-known pieces are presented with décor and partly with the lighting but without performers and music. These representations that are supposed to serve dance and music become then the subject. The order of the set’s movements is in accordance with the original script of the pieces, but the length is significantly shortened. Shown in loop.

Inspired by built environments and their representations, visual artist Ayako Yoshimura uses her own video and photographic images as well as found material of urban landscapes, such as cities, suburbs, parks, museums and zoos, to present the ideals and paradoxes...
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