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Lu Yang 陸揚

Power of will, 2009

The content of the photo is the portrait of the artist’s front face, she put two fingers against her temples while her eyes gazing forward as if she was a supergirl escaping from a science fiction trying hard giving off her power of will. The positions of her pupils on the photo were punched into two holes and two 50nm-laser beam poojectors controlled by SCM controller were kept shooting two beams of green laser into the night, the light could last miles, bright and strong.

The content of the photo is flat while the 3D laser beams break the plane into the real space.

1984年出生於中國上海,2010年畢業於中國美術學院新媒體系碩士學位,目前生活並工作於北京和上海。陸揚在新媒體藝術領域中備受矚目,她善於利用多種媒介, 包括影像、裝置、動畫、攝影和遊戲等,探索有關生命、宗教及相關形式方面問題的本質。在陸揚的藝術實踐中,生物學、神經學、醫學、宗教等不同領域的元素彼此交融重組,形成了她獨特的視角。此次個展延續了藝術家一直以來創作的概念及元素,遊走於宗教與腦科學的範疇,清晰的構造著她一直以來作品中的重要線索。
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