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Lin's early work is a series of videos that base on his own body and that is the base of his art concept. Over the last few years, he stopped using videography as his execution method and started his performance about the relationship of body and substance without videotaping it. The process of his performances is usually the combination of delayed, repeated and isolated actions. Under the long period of time with the action mentioned above, he begins to think about the possibility of body itself as a memory and also as a way of observing the world.
Apart from his own works, he started to film documentaries for artists who are in the process of creating their works from 2012. Through the camera lens, he captured the state of mind of artists and discovered the visual possibility for art events and exhibitions.

By performing, filming and traveling, he continues to explore the cultural landscape of Asia and his imagination of body.

凌以身體作為創作或思考的原點,早期製作了一系列關於身體的錄像作品, 直到近年暫離了影像技術的操作,開始只有身體與物質間的相處實踐,過程 通常是時延的、重複且單一的動作堆積。透過長時間的作為試想屬於身體自 身的記憶可能,以及將身體作為端看世界的視角。 除了自身的創作脈絡,2012年起開始從事藝術家紀錄片的製作拍攝,以鏡頭捕捉藝術家的創作狀態,以及藝術事件、展覽等影像可能。 透過創作計畫、紀錄片拍攝合作或旅行,進一步關注亞洲的人文景觀,以及對身體觀的考察與想像。

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