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Chen Xi was born in Wuhan (1985), graduated from Jiangnan University(BA) in 2008, then graduated from ECNU(MA) in 2012. He currently works and lives in Beijing.

For the past 10 years, I had deployed a large number of imagery and techniques: 5 genres of paintings and drawings, and more than twenty animations and visual essays. These paintings here capture digital landscapes, haunting spaceships, mutating portraits, exotic abstractions with lots of information, and sometimes use only one layer of acrylic paint. For me, each genre generates a next working mode. My works rely on the exploration of personal experience, and the creation of fictional histories for the immediate present.

陳熹1985年出生於武漢,2008年畢業於江南大學美術系本科,2012年畢業於華東師範大學美術系碩士。現於北京生活及工作。過去的10年裡,陳熹製作了5個系列的繪畫和超過20部錄像或動畫。這些繪畫描繪了人造的自然、鬼魅的飛船、變異的肖像、豐富的抽像等,有的繪畫只用一層顏料。 20多部錄像裡,大多是3D動畫或手繪動畫。對陳熹而言,作品的每一個新面貌,都會激活下一個工作模式。陳熹的作品借助探尋個人經驗和創造虛構的歷史來補充或增強當下的現實。

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