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Tian Xiaolei 田曉磊

Relation 關係, 2013

I try to describe the pain. It has no definite logic and no way out. The hands, symbol of desire, continue to grow from the human body and like wings, but cannot fly. People are bounded to each other and are struggling with each other, again and again, repeatedly. Eros hang sin the air, lonely and vulnerable, but returned to a dust in the end. People are fascinated by their own flesh, but the flesh perhaps is just one of the clothes in peoples countless lives. Animals are watching calmly at what starts and endsthough they themselves will become the sacrifice in the end . At work I keep thinking about things as follows: what are our lives aiming for? Which inescapable force is binding us? What is the source of pain? What will happen when desire reaches the limit?


1982 Born in Beijing,China 2007 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) majored in digital media,Beijing, Chinacurrently lives and works in Beijing,China Digital media art is the carrier of my creation, I am interested in the uncertainty of the...

Video Art Asia

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