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Yuan Keru 袁可如

A Salted Encounter 雲龍綺夢, 2014

In her three-screen video installation “A Salted Encounter”, Yuan Keru presents by black and white films her personal feelings to Ancient Tea Horse Road, an area full of histories and pathos, where the hardship and romance exist in the same time. In eyes of Yuan Keru, the colorful border area of Yunnan becomes a monotonous tone with anxious mood and lost illusion (text by Li Feng).

In this film, the scene with illusion and strong contrast is applied to demonstrate the spooky stories happening to three young people who are walking in Yunlong County, Yunnan Province. It is about mutated bodies in the course, bewildering love, expected murder and terrified mood.Along the way, the sceneries seem to be spiritual clouds rather than the only sceneries.History becomes part of the travelers rather than the only local history, Passing on in their veins.Never try to control over it as there are too many unexpected and new experience.Just throw those complex and constraining trifles away. Go ahead with all your simplicity and wilderness.Eventually, empty handed, come back with rewarding experience.

三屏錄像《雲龍綺夢》裡,袁將自己對鹽馬古道這一滿是故事與悲情、生存艱辛與奇幻浪漫交織區域的個體感受以黑白影像的方式展現出來。原本色彩豐富的雲南邊陲,在袁的眼中、在這部片子裡變得色彩單調, 連帶著不安的情緒與無所適從、無所依託的虛幻(文/李峰)”。

影片用一種虛幻而強對比的 畫面,講述行走雲南雲龍的三個男女,在諾鄧村所發生的怪異故事,有關行走時變異的身體、 無所適從的愛情、突如其來的殺戮和恐懼不安的情緒。在行走中,風景不是單純的風景,它們都是可對話的靈;歷史也不只是當地的歷史,它會成為行者的一部分,在他們的身體裡延續下去;無法經營,是因為面對著太多的未知和新的體驗,於是拋掉了那些繁瑣束縛的東西, 簡單而狂野的赤裸上陣,最後,兩手空空的滿載而歸。

Yuan Keru was born in Hangzhou in 1990 and now lives and works in Shanghai. 袁可如, 1990 年出生於杭州,現工作生活於上海。
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