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Adrian Wong 王浩然

Sang Yat Fai Lok, 2008

“Sang Yat Fai Lok” was recreated from newspaper archives, production stills, and family photographs of the Rediffusion (Lai Dik Foo Sing) television programs “Calvin’s Corner,”circa 1960; “Children’s Corner,” circa 1965’ and “Happy Birthday,” circa 1975. Though wildly popular and adored by generations of children in the Pearl River Delta region, there are no recordings of these programs in existence. This was the case for the majority of early broadcasts, which were filmed live and transmitted directly into homes.

Based loosely on the prolific career of Hong Kong television personality, Calvin Wong Hay and his brother Eddie Wang Yee Hang, it simultaneously documents a lost era of Hong Kong’s broadcast history (cont’d.) and my discovery of estranged familial ties to the region – the product of two years of genealogical research.

Through probing both the idiosyncrasies of my ancestors (concubines, gambling addiction, alleged murder, pet monkeys trained to perform lewd acts) and their mysterious pasts. “Sang Yat Fai Lok” is a psychedelic reimagination of a personal history long repressed.

Wong was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois in 1980. Originally trained in research psychology (receiving a Master’s degree from Stanford University in 2003), he began making and exhibiting work in San Francisco while concurrently conducting experiments on young children....

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