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Tian Xiaolei 田曉磊

Song of Joy 歡樂頌, 2015

I have produced an image of an island using the computer software, on which numerous people dressed in suits are enjoying and celebrating themselves. This island is the epitome of the world. The animation is more like a prose, composed of a series of fractions and there is no consistent logical structure in it. These pieces forms my animation. I am trying to talk about the relationship between the pretended joy and the real pain, and discuss the truth regarding to the era of consumption and desire as well.

We are rapidly consuming ourselves in this universe and how long we can be living happily like this? Is the Paradise Island in this animation a haven of soul or the heaven that people are looking for? Or just a chamber for the riotous party right before the end of the world?Different audiences may have the different answers.


1982 Born in Beijing,China 2007 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) majored in digital media,Beijing, Chinacurrently lives and works in Beijing,China Digital media art is the carrier of my creation, I am interested in the uncertainty of the...

Video Art Asia

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