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Bandoeng Waterleiding

Everyone is Everybody

Tugu Lentera Listrik

Zsa Zsa Zsu


《Who’s the daddy 你要熱烈地親親爹哋》

UterusMan Game _ screen record preview

Cancer Baby

Delusional Crime and Punishment (Music by GAMEFACE )

Uterus Man

Delusional Mandala

Wrathful King Kong Core (X-ray mode loop)

Wrathful King Kong Core (Music by Yao Dajuin )

Stage-Tube radio promo

Under the Lion Crotch MV 獅子胯下


No One Remains Virgin 維穩金曲夜

Rachel Believes in Me – Kill Kill Kill Kill

Slow sex 慢性節

Looking At The Small Sky 望著小藍天

Teenage Riot – Eyes (Emo Punk Angry Love Song)

Stop Peeping 太陽留住我

Jungle of desire 慾望Jungle

Doggy Love 狗仔式的愛

An Emo Nose 憂鬱鼻

Joy Trendy Sound-Fragile 在草地上-小心輕放

Lin Pink Pink 乳粉粉


Impure stars – Chen Xi

Renovationist 更新派

The body we invaded will be sent to a crematorium 我們入侵的是一具即將被送往火葬場的軀體


Biu biu biu

Thirty six point five centidgree secnery 風景三十六點五

The Creation 創造

The Poem 詩歌

Relation 關係

“Cyborg game” Virtual reality works 《賽博格遊戲》虛擬現實遊戲

Greatness 偉大

Unlimit 無限

Spring and Autumn 春秋

Song of Joy 歡樂頌

Nothingness 空了

Paradise 樂園

The World 世界

Video Art Asia

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