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Planet Chronicle

The Beast – Tributes to Neon Gensis Evengelion (Music by DuYun)

UterusMan Game _ screen record preview

The Cruel Electromagnetic Wave Above Absolute Zero

Cancer Baby

Moving Gods (Music by Music for Your Plants)

Delusional Crime and Punishment (Music by GAMEFACE )

Gong Tau Kite

Wrathful King Kong Core (Emotion Pathway Loop)

Uterus Man

Delusional Mandala

Wrathful King Kong Core (X-ray mode loop)

Ultimate Energy Conversion

Krafttremor – Parkinson’s Disease Orchestra

Power of Will 3.0 – Laser Gay

Happy Tree

DIY-Make your own Galvani’s frog zombie

Power Of Will 2.0 – Old Woman

Dictator-E-Work (Music by Wang changcun)

Ghost Bed-installation

Power of will


Wrathful King Kong Core (Music by Yao Dajuin )

A voice-over of the dirt


I was born in a satellite

Impure stars – Chen Xi

Renovationist 更新派

Preserved Wilderness 野生受

The body we invaded will be sent to a crematorium 我們入侵的是一具即將被送往火葬場的軀體


I am your voices 我是你的聲音

Painting Collapsing 降維繪畫

Biu biu biu

吸煙室 現場

Landscape 風景

Video Tutorial — How to make image “i am xxx”

Color of Pomegranate

A succeeded failure 一次成功的失败

The Phantom That is Screen 屛幕幽魂

Movements – video 4

movements – video 1

Movements – video 7

Blocking the Tide 5

《煙士披里純 – 第一章:國土局馬路對面遊過一條大白龍》

Straight Line, Landscape 直線,風景 / Part 2

Comb 梳

Firework 焰火

Thirty six point five centidgree secnery 風景三十六點五

I Love Beijing 999 我愛北京999

Ten Thousand Times 一萬次

A Salted Encounter 雲龍綺夢





The Creation 創造

The Poem 詩歌

Relation 關係

“Cyborg game” Virtual reality works 《賽博格遊戲》虛擬現實遊戲

Greatness 偉大

Unlimit 無限

Spring and Autumn 春秋

Song of Joy 歡樂頌

Nothingness 空了

Paradise 樂園

The World 世界







Brother 大佬

Peppermint Candy 薄荷糖

To the clerk who has late night smoke 給深夜吸菸的文員

Give you a Breath 給你一張呼吸

Slap you 打耳光

Sonatine 奏鳴曲

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