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《Who’s the daddy 你要熱烈地親親爹哋》

Dream Cosmography

Ci Ha Visto Un Re (collaborated with Shane Aspegren)

Sang Yat Fai Lok

Ci Ha Visto Un Re (collaborated with Shane Aspegren)

The Glorious Phoenix

Cromniomancy (collaborated with Shane Aspegren)

Haak Seh Wuih Tuhng Mau Jai


Stage-Tube radio promo

Under the Lion Crotch MV 獅子胯下


No One Remains Virgin 維穩金曲夜

Rachel Believes in Me – Kill Kill Kill Kill

Slow sex 慢性節

Looking At The Small Sky 望著小藍天

Teenage Riot – Eyes (Emo Punk Angry Love Song)

Stop Peeping 太陽留住我

Jungle of desire 慾望Jungle

Doggy Love 狗仔式的愛

An Emo Nose 憂鬱鼻

Joy Trendy Sound-Fragile 在草地上-小心輕放

Lin Pink Pink 乳粉粉

Present《Reminiscences of the Eastern Capital》| Yau Tsim Mong District 今《東京夢華錄》

Look at You

Shanghai Street, Shanghai 上海街,上海

In the Eighties Watching the Sixties’ Movies – 2/2

In the Eighties Watching the Sixties’ Movies -1/2

Grandpa Tang 鄧爺爺

Present《Reminiscences of the Eastern Capital》 | Central and Western District 今《東京夢華錄》

To grasp a handful of temperature, though it still drops abruptly 一把抱著,溫度還是依舊流走

Without food for two days, I feel like vomiting however 兩天沒吃,但我想吐

As the heart cannot slightly take a rest. Haven’t heard that we need 7 hours to sleep a day. Then I wake up every half an hour 就如心臟稍作竭息,聽聞一天要睡七小時,就每半小時醒來一次

Before Rain After | well 「未」雨後

Present《Reminiscences of the Eastern Capital》| Yuen Long District 今《東京夢華錄》

Facing the wall with no purpose, there’s no single word which can represent except a song 就楞著,臉緊貼牆壁,無法用語言去表達,它就像一首歌

A One-Man Factory Concept

Is there echo in the hill? – 2/2 那山頭有沒有回音?

Before Rain After 未雨後

To Leave 2cm3 for Myself | Run

To Leave 2cm3 for Myself | Tears

Residual Sound 餘音

The Weak are Meat 弱肉

Remove the black dot okay 把黑點除掉好嗎?

For pursuit of loneliness and melancholy, is that qualified if I never smoke? 追求孤單愁緒吧,從沒抽過煙可以嗎?

Making process of Yi Shui Xi Cheng 一水西城製作過程

I call you Nancy 我喚妳作楠詩


Oranges on Ground 在 地 橙

Sometimes We Forgot To Take Notice


Asleep 小睡

Working in Hollywood Excerpt

Flat D Instructional/Documentation Video

Afternoon I

Afternoon II

Upon the escalator part 2

Upon the escalator part 1

Stolen times for sale 30 seconds

When the door opens 30 seconds

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