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Taiki Sakpisit

The Age of Anxiety, 2015

The Age of Anxiety (EXCERPT)

The Age of Anxiety meditates on fin de siècle Thailand. The film deconstructs the hallucinatory film footages of the Thai melodrama of the 80’s into thousands of frantic fragments, like the violent stabs of disturbing memories, perpetual nightmares and reinventing histories, that ascend the viewers into the mind-expanding horizon of a fragile nation on the verge of madness.

Exhibitions / Screenings:

2018 Transmediale/festival “Nothing to Lose: The Melancholy of Resistance.” HKW, Berlin

2017 Samut Thai: Unfinished Histories curated by Tang Fu Kuen, BankART Studio, Yokohama

2017 Black Box at Riya Surya, Bangkok

2016 Asia Culture Institute in Asia Culture Center (ACC), Gwangju, Korea, October

2016 Art Labor’s Hammock Café Project, Times Museum Guangdong, China

2015 KLEX Special Program, The Cinematheque of Korea Film Archive

2015 FilmVirus Wild Type: “The Brief History of The Age of Anxiety” Hanoi DocLab, Nov.

2015 Dongtaidu Music Festival / KLEX, MAPKL, Kuala Lumpur, January

2014 “Scintillation or Disappearance” MMCA, National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea, Nov.

2014 L’Étrange Festival at Forum des Images, Paris

2014 “Promixity” curated by Pichaya Aime Suphavanij & Bartlomiej Otocki, National Museum, Szczecin, Poland, 28th June

2013 KLEX Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November

2013 BEFF 6 at Future Perfect, Singapore, July

2013 FilmVirus + KLEX Wildtype Super: The Age of Anxiety Program, Sama Sama Guesthouse, Melaka, Malaysia. March

2013 17th Thai Short Film & Video Festival (Vichitmatra Award), Bangkok, Thailand August

2013 Damaged Utopia: Video, The Reading Room, Bangkok, Thailand, March

2013 Damaged Utopia: Video, Bookhemian Arthouse, Phuket, Thailand, February

Taiki Sakpisit is born in Japan and grew up in Bangkok, Thailand where he lives and works. He has been making experimental shorts and moving-image works since 2008. His works are often structured through the kinetic energy of the striking...
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