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Adrian Wong 王浩然

The Glorious Phoenix, 2015

A community gathering of animal lovers is co-opted by a mysterious stranger, offering to provide a direct line of communication between pet owners and their beloved pets. During the subsequent séance, the secrets of the cosmos are revealed to an unwitting participant by the intervention of a chimaeric beast—who asks only for eggrolls as payment for services rendered. The Glorious Phoenix was originally written for Stationary 1, published by Spring Workshop Press, and performed at the Post-Vernissage of Art Basel Hong Kong 2015. The video and accompanying installation are a collaboration with Shane Aspegren.

Wong was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois in 1980. Originally trained in research psychology (receiving a Master’s degree from Stanford University in 2003), he began making and exhibiting work in San Francisco while concurrently conducting experiments on young children....

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