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Tian Xiaolei 田曉磊

The Poem 詩歌, 2014

This work originates from I have serious mobile phone and computer complexes. The time I spent on the phone and computer every day almost over my bedtime. Maybe a lot of people are like this. Mobile phones and computers are widely used for only more than ten years. It just a moment in the long evolutionary history, but it has made me feel increasingly that mobile phones and other Internet devices will become an organ of the body in the future (now wearable intelligent hardware has gradually become the mainstream) just like birds need wings to adapt to the three-dimensional space. So I am interested to imagine life existence state in the future and evolution form of science and technology in the future, which is the source of my work ideas.

At the same time, I find a very interesting book: Kevin• Kelly’s “WHAT TECHNOLOGY WANTS”. He discusses being whole of life from the point of view of the life evolution history, technology is not the mess composed of wire and metal, but natural system with vitality. Human is not the end of evolution, but the transition from life to artificial products. Technology is an extension of life and it is not something separated from life. This advanced concepts book gives me shock and produces intersection with my ideas and inspire me.

So I just keep thinking about several issues: what will our future look like? What will the relationship between technology products with us if it is independent life form? How we integrate with technology? What is the future of the faith? Will we be happy or sad? After a time, I outline the sketches constantly in the paper about my thinking: the imagination of the future world, the imagination of the future life form, the imagination of the modern people’s optimism and worry. These sketches gradually become my work continuous modification.


1982 Born in Beijing,China 2007 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) majored in digital media,Beijing, Chinacurrently lives and works in Beijing,China Digital media art is the carrier of my creation, I am interested in the uncertainty of the...

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