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Tian Xiaolei 田曉磊

Thirty six point five centidgree secnery 風景三十六點五, 2012

I try to make my animation with a pure and freehand way of expression. I’d like to use the pure human body language to construct a dreamlike mysterious world without complex color and material. Human body is straightforward but also obscure. I want to explore the inner mental thing beyond the human body, just like the emotional touch a poem brings to us. My works refers to the microcosm and macrocosm, the cycle of life, the unpredictability of life, the life’s alienation, the matrix and so on. The human body in the animation looks like both a spectacular mountain as a small microbe. This kind of conflict seems to raise a question to our world: where are we?

我想像任何物質背後都有一個強大的能量,聳立山峰的背後有能量,散落的小石塊也有能量。人是天地的精華,有著豐富的能量,我把人體構建成了一個世界,肉體下面的能量讓這個物質有了生命,構成了人體風景,能量的延伸 – 毛髮像岩漿一樣找到出口,它們也會孕育出新的生命,不斷的自我進化我想像可能某粒灰塵上就擁有這樣一個世界,生生不息。

1982 Born in Beijing,China 2007 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) majored in digital media,Beijing, Chinacurrently lives and works in Beijing,China Digital media art is the carrier of my creation, I am interested in the uncertainty of the...

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