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Taiki Sakpisit

Trouble in Paradise, 2017

Trouble in Paradise (Excerpt)

Sound Design: Worramet Matutamtada

Trouble in Paradise contemplates on the oneiric landscape evolving around the trancelike tableaux vivant and hypnagogic vision. The work is structured into a five-part narration, “Summer,” “A Ball,” “Paradise,” “Earth” and “Earth Again,” that simulates the narrator’s memory feedback, déjà vu and hallucinatory state of mind.

Taiki Sakpisit is born in Japan and grew up in Bangkok, Thailand where he lives and works. He has been making experimental shorts and moving-image works since 2008. His works are often structured through the kinetic energy of the striking...
Taiki Sakpisit ( is a filmmaker and moving image artist working in Bangkok. His works explore the underlying tensions and conflicts, and the sense of anticipation in contemporary Thailand, through precise and sensorially overwhelming audio-visual assemblage using a wide range...
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