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Sutthirat Supaparinya

Where The Wild Things Are, 2016

2016, Video installation: Dual-channel video (19 minutes and 2 minutes), Full HD , Channel 1, 1920×1080/ 16:9 and Channel 2, 1444×1080/ 4:3, sound, color, dimension vary with each installation.
Commissioned by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Singapore, 2016. Curated by Sam I-Shan. Supported by The Asia New Zealand Foundation and the Wellington City Council. Photo & Courtesy Sutthirat Supaparinya.

Do you feel the energy is everywhere? Do we harness one energy to effect to another energy? From tiny portion to enormous portion, from invisible to tangible, from nothing change to radical change..

Where The Wild Things Are is a video work that features landscape of the Wellington city including the most fast wind area that well-known as Formula one site “Makara”. It captured the visual movement of the wind and sync to electromagnetic sound recorded from the use of electricity and radio waves. The wind is one source of energy which it is everywhere.The more windy, the more energy we can feel. The work weaves the energy of wind and its electricity signal as one.

This was not the first work I had created around the topic of electricity generation and consumption. I have done three different perspectives on this topic since 2012. I called this work “Where the Wild Things Are”, which is the title of a famous picture book by Maurice Sendak that was banned in the U.S.. What is the “Wild Things” in this work ?, the natural windy situation in Wellington, the large scale of harnessing electricity from the air or something else. The work reflects some of the questions I have about “renewable or green energy”: is it our hero or is it another devil that damages large tracts of landscape?

Lives and works in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Supaparinya's works encompass a wide variety of mediums such as installation, photography, video and sculpture. Through her works she questions, interprets public information and reveals what’s structure effect her/us as a national/global citizen....
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